9 Tips to Improve Your Writing

Just gotta say, I think I’ll live by your words. I often find myself pouring down the adverbs and then I get the horrid feedback of – “Eh! It was very . . . descriptive but what was the point?” So yeah, totally take out the unnecessary adverbs.
Also wondering, don’t having any style guides but I do own “On Writing” by Stephen King. That’s good enough, right?

Michael Cristiano

One of the hardest things about being a writer is knowing when you’ve reached that elusive status of being a good writer. Scratch that: the hardest thing about being a writer is knowing when you no longer suck.

You see, bad writing is everywhere nowadays. With the exploding self-publishing industry, anyone can become a published author. Anyone. Have good books been self-published? Of course, but bad books have been published tenfold, and this excludes all the times that a big press has released a poorly written book (in the name of business, of course).

So, how do you avoid being a bad writer? Well, the answer is simple: hard work. And while you’re at it, pounding away at your keyboard and going for that eighth cup of coffee, incorporate these tips.

coffee Yeah, I’d go put the pot back on. You might be here a while.

Write Often and Diversify

A writer who…

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